Let’s Grow Together

Our mission is to help you expand your brand’s influence and grow sales. We provide strategies and tactics to skillfully level the playing field of leadership.

As our client, you choose the services that you want, exactly when you need them. Projects are tailored to your industry and designed with your people and your organization’s growth in mind – locally and globally.

Services include:

  • Marketing and Branding Content and Product Research
  • Sales Strategies and Tools
  • Executive and Team Coaching & Training
  • Women Leadership and Empowerment Training

Our global experience and cultural fluency working with 32+ countries across tech, finance, publishing, fashion, luxury real estate and ultraluxury goods, informs our C-level Executive training, mentorship, workshops, retreats, bootcamps and customized Think-Tanks all designed to energize, engage, and empower employees and customers.

We impart intelligent, successful marketing and sales strategies to businesses seeking more sales and greater impact from their online and offline presence. We help companies, new or established but wanting to expand, to unleash their innate potential to perform at optimal levels and be a force for good that drives higher profits and a higher purpose.

Past Projects

Created digital advertising strategy for one of New York’s leading nonprofits which achieved tens of thousands of dollars of ad revenue far outdoing previous years’ sales.

Conducted Luxury Customer Service Staff Trainings for Marriott, the #2 most trusted hotel brand in U.S.; this lead to increased customer satisfaction, rocketed positive property reviews, and grew sales.

Developed the syllabus and conducted in-person Women’s Empowerment Training Workshops in New York City for women of multi-cultural backgrounds which helped participants increase their earning potential.

About Us

Working with marketing teams around the world has reminded us that no matter how much of a “global village” our connected world has become, honoring the distinctiveness of each local market is paramount in making or breaking a launch’s success.

We bring to you insights like this and valuable lessons hard won to help you deliver thoughtful and purpose driven solutions as you look to launch, grow or reinvent your organization, give back, and fulfill your dream.

Our boutique consulting firm is always looking forward.

We specialize in: marketing, branding, sales consulting and training, leadership coaching and training workshops in the US and overseas.

Anne Flanagan, trilingual founder and CEO. Background: Besides holding executive roles in Silicon Valley technology firms and positions on management teams of top Fortune 100 companies, Anne has also developed and managed:

  • a media brand’s global partnerships and syndication
  • go-to-market campaigns and sales trainings for new, global technology roll-outs
  • projects in Couture Fashion, Luxury Real Estate Marketing, and Hospitality
  • a FinTech start-up company (co-founded and gainfully sold)

Anne holds a Master’s and a Doctoral Diploma from the Universities of Paris and Lille, France, and a Bachelor of Arts with Honors from Trinity College, University of Dublin, Ireland. She also received a Certificate from Moscow State University. She has won awards and scholarships from the French and Italian governments and international institutions. She volunteers on the board of a non-profit for families in Senegal facing leprosy and designs/leads workshops for Human Trafficking Survivors.


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